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      Qinway Longevity Technology Institute . Newsletter .  November, 2021

A. Grandmaster is a Renowned Spiritual Healing Founder in the World, a True Master

Grandmaster Qin is a renowned Qinway innovator and spiritual master from China. She has created many healing miracles in China and America with a perfect unique system. The primary program is the Real Healing 3.3D Retreat, which has achieved miracle changes in many students’ lives. The spiritual energy system spreads quickly through word of mouth.

As all Qinway retreat students knew, the essence of the guaranteed special abilities & rejuvenation retreat program is not only the on-site development of special abilities and speed of the removal the disease root effect, but also provides the students with up to 108 days individual remote healing & direction from Grandmaster. Because of the true occurrence of the remote healing, many students achieved their dreams of rejuvenation, removed the root of disease, opening their energy channels. Therefore, it is the most powerful & effective program to benefit the karma people from Qinway three high spiritual system.

The energized signal products act as a vehicle to carry strong remote healing signals. The principle is when you eat or use the mountain food or object, the signal will come to your body directly and raise your energy quickly, in the meantime it will push out the toxins! Now you have a great opportunity to experience the healing energy through the energized signal products, that's the key point and request you to change your spiritual mind.

Global 930 Remote Healing Happened on Sept. 30 with a Lot of Terrific Feedbacks
Powerful annual 930 remote healing just finished, there was truly a magnificent experience for many people from all over the world. The testimonials demonstrated the Qinway powerful high spiritual energy system can benefit the karma people. See Some of 930 Event Feedbacks in this Year.

* Gehan, Paris, France
Thank you again for inviting me to attend the signal event.
During the first meditation I felt like there was two light balls in my opened hands. Then I felt a lot of strong pulse movement inside my body in all directions, and it was focused in at one stage in my head, like something wants to get out. I collected the signal and stored it in my lower dian tian.
I have to say this time the sensation was very strong inside the body. I began seriously to drink and eat the energized products two months before the event. I will continue to do so.

* Guang Z, Shanghai. China
My mouth is full of fluid, and the chest is like a huge wave rushing, and there is a clear feeling of rising. The corners of the face and mouth are shaking unconsciously. Later, the swelling of the chest gradually decreases. The dantian has obvious qi gathering and bulging sensation and itching sensation on the face. Afterwards, the dantian rose slightly, the breath was clear and energetic. Thanks Qingway!

* Xinhai - Shanghai, China
I felt hot in the back and lower abdomen, a sense of qi pulse and a sense of qi covering the body.

* Vicky B, Fremont, CA
During the 930 event, my whole body was trembling all the time, the huge energy made me unable to stop, and tears kept washing my eyes. In the middle I also used energized object Gourd to healing my shoulders, and now I feel much better! Thanks to Grandmaster and Qinway, looking forward to Qinway Longevity Villa!

* Shirley G. - Milpitas, CA
I was very energetic today. After 930 remote healing started, I felt the Baihui acupoint on the top of the head became hot. It looked like qi turning on the top of the head and kept yawning. The eyes were very moist, and the whole body was very comfortable. Thanks to Qinway for making me feel the energy of the universe!

* John G - Ojai, CA
I knew I shifted dimensions. Three balls or spheres appeared. White slid in from left. Then orange, Then, I think, blue. Both from right. Beings from other dimensions. Relaxing darkness of deep space, Perhaps outlines of constellations. An unknown woman’s lovely nude breasts with pert nipples. I felt that sucking them would be comforting and nourishing. But I didn’t do that. Not particularly sexual. Yin, which I need. I have been noticing sacred numbers on my clock, especially 13, which is a feminine number associated with the Moon. So the sacred cosmic feminine principle is being emphasized. Deep gratitude and love.

* Quan G. - Castaic, CA
After 930 remote healing event my back is almost back to normal and stomach is also much improved. Thank you.

* Karen - Napa, CA
I, the entire body and mind, am pressed deeply, into an immense blanket of qi, that radiates beyond time and space. It presses into me and I press into it. Thank you very much!

* Minder X. - Berkeley, CA
Thank you very much for the 930 event, and it feels great. When chanting, the whole body is feverish, especially the back and lower pubic region. In the second stage, Baihui acupoint has a strong sense of qi to cover the top and send down to the whole body.

* Lan N. - Fremont, CA
Fortunately, I can participate in 930 event every year. From the very beginning, when I entered the state, I felt a strong qi field. I kept burping full, and the qi in my body rose to my throat, and tears flowed weakly. Although I was not tired, I kept hitting Hache. I kept turning my head slowly, and I couldn't stop even if I wanted to, but I felt very comfortable. At the end, my palms were full of vitality, and now I can feel the current when I type. It is a wonderful experience.

Read More about Powerful Remote Healing Feedbacks, Click Here

*Unique Special Abilities Rejuvenation 3.3D Retreat Finished last February!

Hear About Rare Feedbacks from the Most Recent Retreat On the Spot.

Group Picture 
Students Verified
Finger Growing & Return

Deeply Appreciate Retreat
Amazing Results in Four Days

Students Verified
Communicating with Tree

Students Experiencing: Crown Infusion and Wuji Dimension Gift

I could feel a long needle when I pushed it toward my left hand. It was a light beam of blue white color. I felt pressure when moved closer. - Fred R.

I felt very powerful and vertexes. So grateful for all the love, teachings and energies. - Natasha C.

I saw white swirling energy, and the lotus is opening. Quanyin Buddha's face appeared. My gift had round circle handle and long thin needle. Acupoint pulsed when poking. - Tim M.

Very powerful. My special gift was quarter shaped with golden silver light. - Dharmata W.

My third eye was tingling and my body started to rock back and forth, it felt very strong when Grandmaster started chanting. I saw a light blue aura around my needle, and felt tingling in my palm. - Cherlin X.

I felt poked when I grabbed the gift. - Rose A.

I felt more Qi in the room. I felt shock in my body when Grandmaster said mantra. My inner eye saw golden Wuji Needle. - Dr. R.

Students Experiencing: Soul Travel. Thousands Tons Immortal Water. Open 3rd Eye

The ordinary senses went dark and 3rd eye was called forward. Observed a different lane that began as entry for me via sound. Bird sounds were symbolic of deeper, older vibrations. I saw figures walking, kind and gentle "humans" without any ego or violence . - Fred R.

I felt clean and bright. - Natasha C.

I saw pure white Quanyin Buddha temple, the Quanyin Buddha in white dress sending me healing energy. I saw Medicine buddha in blue temple with hot sauna, blue gems and swirls. The immortal water is very powerful and high pressure. I saw my organs highlighted, bright and clean. - Tim M.

My third eye opened with some images. I could visualize organs being washed. During soul travel I felt in altered state. - Dharmata W.

My third eye was started tingling once I closed my eyes and felt especially strong when the immortal water came in. I felt the energy pulsing through the arms. - Cherlin X.

I saw myself being taken through the turbulent waters. I went down a whirl pool by a black hole in the water. - Rose A.

It was beautiful, I traveled through galaxies and deeply moving away from the earth, I was appeared in the cell of my body. After the immortal water cleansing, my organs are pure now . - Tom T.

I felt lots of energy on my face and forehead. I saw opening lotus on paper cane came down and went into the room. - Dr. R.

Students Experiencing: Receiving Energy Balls from the Heaven, the Mountain, and the Earth
Group Picture Group Picture Group Picture 
Grandmaster Teaching
Energized Healing Food Cooking

Grandmaster Transmission
Students Received Energy Balls

Students Verified
Supreme Healing Techniques
I felt subtle when I received the energy balls. I felt strong energy pulsing, felt like highly charged thick liquid, full of healing energy. - Fred R.

I felt vibration on sides of palms with the sky ball. My earth ball is hot. My mountain ball is gentle and loving. - Natasha C.

I connected with heavenly being. Very extensive and powerful. I felt the generosity of the earth, mountain and sky. - Dharmata W.

The balls from heaven, mountain, and earth were all different colors, and I could feel their different sensations in my palms. - Cherlin X.

I received the powerful energy from the balls. I felt the heat coming down from my back. - Rose A.

The blue and darker blue balls came to me and I shot them back to heaven. Shot a yellow streak of light into the mountains. Balls the size of baseballs came to my hands like magnets, multiple colors of earth tones. - Dr. R.

Great Events in Los Angeles last February: Grandmaster Held Instructor Magnetic Training Classes

Several Great Enlightenment Practice Heavenly Ladder Workshops Offered, People Loved it!
With great compassion, Grandmaster offered unique magnetic training to benefit more people.
She presented on the spot to help and support the new instructors. The instructor became a magnet and could transfer the universal energy to his students through recharge qigong teaching. The students not only learned the recharge qigong, but also received the universal high energy from the instructor. Therefore, the instructor could improve his own virtue power and energy field through the teaching program.

The old retreat students also happily participated and actively shared their successful experiences from the 3.3D Special Abilities Rejuvenation 3.3D Retreat. Obtaining a 3.3D high-energy aura brought them many miraculous effects. They discovered that many intractable diseases disappeared and looked much younger than before.

Group Picture Group Picture
Group Picture Group Picture Group Picture

Several Enlightenment Heavenly Ladder Workshops Offered in Los Angeles

The unique workshop gave a superb lecture on how to achieve the enlightenment through necessary step by step unique techniques, combining the unique theory and technology of Qinway. What surprised every participant was that in addition to hearing about the 3D (D is Dimension) moving towards 4D enlightenment practice step by step process, Grandmaster also shared the special knowledge about the definition and successful technology for each D unique energy level.

The participants experienced connecting to the universal high energy signals during the workshop. This special energy experience is so different from the 3D world, which enhanced their understanding and faith of the enlightenment practice.
Guaranteed! Next Special Abilities Rejuvenation 3.3D Retreat in LA

Individual Designed, Size Full for 2021

Guaranteed & Priceless! Qinway renowned retreat system is the collections of China's top thousand years Tao's secret healing techniques and modernized! This unique program has 30 years successful experiences in Beijing and the Unite States, Rejuvenation Obviously Just in a few Days!

There are four highly integrated retreats as Fundamental Healing & Bigu retreat, Magnetic Special Abilities I & II retreats, Certification Retreat. The unique program has very high spiritual technology, it includes section A - healing & teaching in person on the spot, section B - keep doing Bigu at home with Grandmaster individual remote healing & direction.

Therefore, this unique retreat can really help the students make a big change in very short time, and they will verify their special abilities & remove the root of diseases on the spot. This is very rare! The successful results are guaranteed! Very limited size, Register Now!

When Where
Special Abilities Rejuvenation 3.3D Retreat
(12/5 4:30pm - 12/8 4:30 pm, size full)
Los Angeles, California, USA
Special Abilities Rejuvenation 3.3D Retreat
(12/16 4:30pm - 12/20 4:30 pm, size full)
Los Angeles, California, USA

Free Group Healing Workshop


Individual Designed, One Seat Left, Start Today to Get Fundamental Healing & Rejuvenation! Register Now!

F. Powerful Individual Remote Healing, Grandmaster Channeling Universal Signal Across the Space

Gm Transmitting Universal Energy
Remote High Energy Signals with Distance Healing

Get Grandmaster's Help from Anywhere! To Resolve Your Personal Healthy & Spiritual Problems!

During the Individual Remote Healing, Grandmaster Represents as a Transmission station to Connect High Being Systems with you. Many Karma People and Students have a Lot of Appreciation with Great Feedbacks in Last 20 years.

Read More Important Details & Join Now‍ to Get Real Help!

Hear Some Wonderful Remote Healing True Stories:


Charlie T., Fremont, CA, U.S.A.

Remote Healing Charlie
Charlie T. & His Sister

Amazing! Gm Qin did remote healing across the Atlantic Ocean for my sister.

My sister was injured in a serious car accident in Vienna, Austria. The X-ray showed that her thoracic spine had several small fractures. Thus she had trouble discharging stools, which caused her abdomen swelled. It was very dangerous.

That night, I rushed to Qinway Institute to ask Gm Qin to perform remote healing for her. The next day, her bowel movement became normal. In two weeks, her spinal injury recovered very well. Now she lives like a normal person, and recently went back Shanghai to see our parents just by herself! Read more about his stories.

R. R. from Hi lo, HI, USA
Feel the Energy Move through My body, legs, ears, cleaning my organs

Aloha Gm Qin! I had a wonderful session last night, I could feel Master Qin's energy arrive very soft, then very strong, beautiful! I could feel it move through and around my body, to my legs, my ears, cleaning my organs, some past mental experiences. I was like a child seeing things simply and clear! Phase II I lay down, went into a trance like state then fell asleep! I woke up calm, less pain, more at peace!

Joachim from Germany
I got big benefit and lost 1.5 kg weight and feel vibrations and more stillness

After finished individual remote healing with Grandmaster, I got great benefits and lost 1.5 kg weight. I felt much more relaxed in the shoulder and neck area. I felt a lot of sensations like spontaneous movements, saw pictures from Guanyin, a little pain, slime coming out, vibrations and more stillness (Dec. 21, 2014)

* Who is Suitable to Participate the Individual Remote Healing Event?

No matter what state or country you are in, individual remote healing is now available from Gm Qin. When she enters a healing state of consciousness, powerful remote healing signals can travel instantaneously across the space to you.

Gm Qin's remote healing is just like rain in Spring, and sunshine in Winter. Whether your meridians are sensitive or not, you will experience the power of universal spiritual energy.

The remote healing is particularly effective in the following areas, including but not limited to the remote healing areas:

(1) Back pain;
(2) Overweight;
(3) Memory loss;
(4) Hypertension;
(5) Female system;
(6) Injuries or after surgery;
(7) Insomnia;
(8) Diabetes;
(9) Eye problems;
(10) Qigong Disease;
(11) Spiritual problems;
(12) Depression/Low Energy;

*Order the Powerful Individual Remote Healing Session to Experience the Miracles, Click Here.
G. Celebrate Thanksgiving Holiday with Huge Sales

Energized Products Carry Grandmaster's Powerful Signal

Grandmaster transfers magnetic energy signal to the unique products. The energized products will act as the vehicle to help the people. Through great energy infusion & detoxification, people will get the most healing benefits from the special energy signals of the products. Therefore, the energized products will make your daily healing result deeper & easier! Qinway has many successful feedbacks with 20 years of experiences.

To Hear about How Rare These Healing Foods Are:

* Computer Engineer Kurt S, Switzerland

Before After
I always like results which are measurable, after taking energized food my measured cardio Fitness level increased from 6 up to 7, and heard rate lowered from 76 to 69. My lung capacity increased and I need less time to walk on the top of high mountains, specially my sperm was only 3%, but after use Gm energized products, more surprising things happened...

Now I can work for 31 hours in continuously with good focus and concentration. This resulted from consuming energized powder products and drinking Yin Yang healing tea every day, I have to say that Grandmaster's energized products are so powerful!

Read more about Kurt's story.

* D. C. Honolulu, HI
The energized products really helped me, I felt so much joy and peacefulness during the remote healing. I still feel the calmness carry over to the next day. I am extremely pleased to make a donation to support the qinway unique healing Retreat Center. Thank you, Gm, for your compassionate healing.

* M. P. Euclid, OH
Thank you very much! I could really feel the energy on the left side of my body..the energized products has real help me. It was very strong around 9:30 pm. It felt like rain falling. Excellent!

* Cathy, West Hills, CA
Energized Products has really helped my 6-year-old daughter improve her weak stomach system. She eagerly asked for the tasty "Hawthorn Powder" herself when we met Master Qin!

* Chris from Belgium
"I finally received the energized mountain food. At last...how happy I am! The Yellow Essence is super energetic (plus taste great) ...Gm Qin, thank you for making that special food available for us."

* Stephen, San Francisco
"I missed the energized food and herbs during the first part of the bigu, and I noticed a big improvement in my energy level when I started taking the energized food and herbs."

Note: The products are personally brought back by Grandmaster from deep mountains in China, and infused with universal high energy to further enhance their vitality.

Healing Food DVD Kit Healing Food Yin Yang Healing Tea
Wild Mountain Food
Fengshui Object
Healing DVD Kit
Bigu Healing Food
Yin Yang Healing Tea
Fundamental Healing DVD Kit Invite Gm to Your Home to Teach
Most Value for Learning with Healing Signal!
Price Reduced
$298 to $49
Energized Yin Yang Healing Tea Excellent for Help Your Detoxification & Infusion with Vital Qi
Buy 3 Get 1 Free
Energized Wild Mountain Food (Vary) Rare Mountain Food Infused Universal Energy with Healing Effects
Removing the Disease Root to substitute the Western Medicine

Now 20% Off
Strong Protection for House (Guanyin Statue) Powerful Protection for the Whole House, Dispel Evil Qi
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*If the product is sold out, it will be replaced by another product with the same value. The products are sold "AS-IS". The free one can be different type.
H. Great Energy Reward, Qualified Long Term Volunteers Carrying Strong Energy Healing Signals!
Great Volunteer & Donation Record in Virtue Tablet

Virtue Energy Carries Fundamental Healing Signal! Learn Qinway Perfect System & To Earn Great Stabilized Virtue Energy. Make Your Life More Valuable!

Deeply appreciate the students/volunteers, your recovery & healthy growing up will become beautiful flowers & forest, and encourage more people to take the path to the natural healing and the kingdom of free life, including yourself & your families of next generation.

Monthly Dynamic

Greatest Permanent Volunteer
Gm Qin (over 20 years)

Outstanding Virtue Supporter
Vicky B.; Shirley K.; Lily L.; Charlie X.; Cherlin X.

I. Contact Qinway Longevity Technology Institute

We strongly recommend you to contact us through email: 930@qinway.org

Since we are traveling more frequently in the deep stage. But we will check the emails and reply to you very soon! Thanks for your understanding.

Vicky B. (Assistant)

Shipping: Shirley K.
Tel: 408-306-2897 (USA)

Mailing Address:
P.O.Box 360649
Milpitas, CA 95036. USA

*Results guaranteed: as long as you follow Grandmaster's instruction (includes her individual homework with
Bigu healing days or her direction in person).

*Qinway shares with you a health enhancement method, not medical advice. The technical instructions and services presented are
not intended as a substitute for medical counseling or treatment.