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Newly Lauched Phase II: An Unique “Special Soul Healing Resort”


Grandmaster gathered intelligence and experience from heavenly and the human life, experience successively thousands of hardships and pressures and finally completed the design of unique “special soul healing resort” which can save millions of human beings.

Phase II “special soul healing resort” is on the basis of successfully verified Phase I through the first 10 year at the United States, further extensive and in-depth refining the mind, body and spirit energy and gradually entering the Enlightenment stable stage, this is a step by step method and at each step it can be verified and leading towards enlightenment program.


Phase II is characterized as a special optimized soul healing resort for body and mind stability (27 days and 108 days or depends on the karma), below is a general outline and introduction:

  • Special healing's for the body energy refinement to enlightenment spirit awaking:

    *High energy connection with universal channel

    *The personalized cleansing diet energy and the correspondence cooking method

    *The youth increasing wisdom method

    *The youth clear vision method and the prevention of near sight and treatment

    *Female merit “Dan” qigong

    *The anti-aging qigong

    *Reduce weight qigong

    *Driver qigong

    *Heart treatment qigong

    *Lung treatment qigong

    *Kidney treatment qigong

    *Stomach treatment qigong

    *Liver treatment qigong

    *Daily measurements of your blood pressure and blood glucose, vision, and other indicators, Change! Change! Change!)

    *Characteristic Feng-shui energy arrangement

    *Eight Diagrams and Yi-Jing forecasting

    *Precepts and effects
  • Special healing's for the mind energy refinement to enlightenment spirit awaking:

    *The emotional trauma draining method

    *The spirit wound removal method

    *The brain function rehabilitation method

    *High energy connection with universal channel

  • Special healing's for the spirit energy refinement and uplift to enlightenment spirit awaking:

    *Explore the three previous life causes

    *Understand the six present life results

    *The wisdom flower blossom through “ding-li” practicing

    *Is Nirvana, the gold key leads to advanced super scientific Enlightenment. Obtain the golden key of achieving the enlightenment in this life

  • Superpower or Special Ability III:

    *Perak palm to remotely put out forest wildfires

    *Read others minds to remotely promote kind and suppress bad efforts

Construction of great virtue field by registering your Enlightenment account number

Open an account: donate money wisely, the great blessing covers Yin descendant

Participation: Enter your limited life into an infinite "virtue" world

Interest dividends: Germination the lotus seed, harvest the best fruit

Virtue-clear the spiritual fog: Give away big, Gain big. with discipline & strong will comes the wisdom viewpoint and Ding-li (never turn back discipline)

The successful rate of physical and mental rehabilitation is 96% for the students being approved to attend the Phase II, after the mind and body treatment;

And sowing the seeds of wisdom will inspire the upper root for insight in this life; lower-roots wisdom will grow rapidly; this is a personalized, long-term, and stable field to set up the soul growth effectiveness. A good analogy (imagine) this program is like a securing a first row seat on the fastest space shuttle to enlightenment.

1) Depend on the karma, the above mentioned courses may be adjusted.
2) Phase I and phase III may be added into the contents as well, as appropriate, will be determined.

* However, because of the serious difficulties over the past year, several major projects may not be carried out, and also having a serious shortage of funds and manager candidates, Qinway hopes to get great support. If you have intention for help, please email 930@qinway.org


Qinway Healing Technology and Scientific Theory - Qinway Spiritual Healing


Qinway Healing Technology and Scientific Theory has been leading many successful healing cases in the previous 20 years, through many programs such as retreats and workshops, both in Beijing of China and America, the super scientific theory has also been verified as a great truth.

As shown in the chart below, the Qinway Qigong Technical Procedure starts from "Real Understanding", which has very much to do with "changing your mind".

Followed by the process of "Energy Infusion & Detoxification". The key is an effective combination of both.

This combination results in "Real Health", including physical and spiritual health. Specifically, the process of energy infusion and detoxification through Qigong includes the following:


Chart Detox



Chart BodyMind

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